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Uxbridge & Thicketwood Veterinary Hospitals

Weight Management

A dog receiving weight management treatment

Weight loss is important for staying happy and healthy. A well-designed exercise program combined with an appropriate calorie-restricted diet is the ideal treatment to help reach your pet’s health goals and can add years to your Pet's life. The buoyancy in the underwater treadmill helps to reduce loading stresses on joints and is an ideal approach to weight management for Pets who are at risk of developing, or may have mild osteoarthritis.

Is a Veterinarian’s referral required?

YES. All new Pets require referral by their Veterinarian. Before we can begin a weight management program we’ll need the Veterinarian to provide medical history that they ruled out any underlying medical condition contributing to your Pets’ weight gain. And you and your Veterinarian have adopted an appropriate nutrition program targeting weight loss.